4 Best Commercial Embroidery Machine on the List

You want to start a business with embroidery as the basic. But your machine is designed for home used and cannot handle more difficult task with heavy duty level. This is the time for you to replace the machine with a new one that can handle that hassle. This is why we will give you review of 5 embroidery machine that will be great for your embroidery business. Consider these as best commercial embroidery machine.


It is like the best machine for commercial use. Well, the price tag is a bit hefty but it can handle lots of things at one time without hard time. Besides the machine quality, the sales service and supports are great since they offer free installation.

The features include:

·         Multi-language option is available with touch screen panel;

·        Adjustable speed for stitch. It can be reversed or forwarded;

·        Equipped with automatic recovery system for the memory;

·         It has multiple sensors on the machine so it can detect all component works through the scanning process;

·         Build with break detectors along with automatic thread cutter;

·        The motor has high speed.


This machine allows the user to embroider on flat and non-flat surface like jackets, hats, and many more. The machine is also compatible with the device for cording and sequinning. The size is smaller than the previous version and suitable for medium business of embroidery.

The feature includes:

·        The touch screen panel allows you to save a lot of time. It can save up to 1,600 designs of embroidery that can be upgraded if you want it;

·        Instant punch allows you to embroider the letters, names, and all things like that in practical way;

·        The speed is adjustable. The high speed of the motor is ideal for business.

Janome MB-4S Commercial

Janome is a lovely machine for embroidery. Even though this type is for home use, this is also ideal for you who just start a business especially if you love to create limited numbers of products. All format of embroidery can work with this machine.

The features include:

·        50 pre-programmed designs alongwith letter and fonts for monogramming;

·         Presser foot and thread sensors are available on the upper place;

·        The hoop positioning can be adjusted;

·        The maximum size of embroidery is up to 238mmx200mm;

·        The editing function ranging from resizing, rotating, drag and drop, turnover, re-edit, , combine, arc, and zoom;

·        Equipped the automatic return to the post thread break.

This machine is very suitable for small business. The memory allows you to save up to 1,500,000 stitches or as many as 100 designs.

Brother SE1800 Sewing and Embroidery Machine

Brother SE1800 is a nice and versatile machine. The accessories selection is wide and the features are pretty sophisticated. The features include:

·        The embroidery space is 5×7 inch;

·        10 styles of buttonhole and 184 sewing stitches;

·        Equipped with 6 embroidery lettering fonts and 136 designs;

·        The hoop can be positioned as you like;

·        It has 11 sewing feet;

·        The speed control and start-stop button is variably;

The choice is obviously about your taste and convenient.